“Early-Bird” Registration at a substantial discount is available now through February 15, 2020 for Song Camp Italy!

Early-Bird Registration costs only $425: That’s $125 off the full registration price of $550!

Prices for registration are stated in U.S. Dollars (US$).

After February 15, 2020 the cost to register for Song Camp Italy is: $550.

This includes 4 days of intensive songwriting and performance instruction, a wonderful welcome dinner, evening open stage performances and song circles, the closing concert and more.


$425 Early-Bird Pricing available through February 15, 2020.
Full price registration is $550.

Prices for registration are stated in U.S. Dollars (US$).
The current cost of US$1.00 in Euros is approximately €0.90.   [ Source: OpenExchangeRates.org ]

US$425 is currently approximately €383.20.
US$550 is currently approximately €495.91.



US$95 is currently approximately €85.66.

If you're uncertain if you can attend, but wish to reserve your spot before Song Camp Italy sells out, a non-refundable deposit of $95 will hold your spot. The remaining balance of $455 is due by March 1, 2020 or $330 must be paid by February 15, 2020 to take advantage of the “Early-Bird Pricing”. If the balance is not received by the deadline, your spot will be transferred to the next person on our waiting list.

Use one of the "Buy Now" buttons above to secure your space at Song Camp Italy! Your payment will be processed safely and securely through PayPal.

Lodging and meals are arranged separately from the cost of registration to give the greatest range of options to suit your personal needs and budget, and accommodate Song Campers that will be traveling with family members or additional travel companions. Click here to learn more about Lodging options at Song Camp Italy and the San Felice Resort.

What’s your cancellation policy?

50% refunds are available through March 1, 2020. No refunds will be granted after March 1st, though 50% of your registration fee can be applied towards Song Camp Italy 2021.

For those who hold a spot at Song Camp Italy by paying the non-refundable $95 deposit, no refunds are available. However, the $95 reservation fee can be applied towards Song Camp Italy 2021.

Can I transfer my Song Camp Italy registration?

If you register for Song Camp Italy and find that you won't be able to attend, you can transfer your registration to any individual you designate. Email info@songcampitaly.com to request a transfer of your registration.

Can my family members or other guests join us for the Welcome Dinner?

Yes, your family or other guests are most welcome to join us! The cost for non-students to enjoy the Welcome Dinner on Wednesday, April 1st is $35 per person. Please email info@songcampitaly.com to schedule your additional dinner guests and arrange payment.

Dinner includes apertivo, salad, main course (vegetarian and vegan options available), house wines, soft drinks, and fabulous home-made desserts. Alcoholic beverages beyond house wines are not included, but may be purchased separately.

In what language will the classes be presented at Song Camp Italy?

The majority of classes will be presented in English. When needed, a live translator will be provided for those classes presented by Italian faculty members.

Do I need to bring my guitar?

You're welcome to bring your own guitar. A small number of acoustic guitars may be available for use throughout Song Camp Italy for students who aren't able to travel with their own. Please email info@songcampitaly.com to inquire about availability of loaner guitars. Arrangements for loaner guitars must be completed and confirmed before March 1, 2020.

If I bring my guitar, do you have recommendations for the best way to fly with it overseas?

This is a surprisingly complicated subject. The best choice is to bring your guitar as a carry-on, so it travels with you in the main cabin of the airplane. Sadly, this is not always an option and sometimes you can't even find out if this option is available until you're already at the gate trying to board your flight! Obviously, checking a guitar that's not in a sturdy hard-shell case is not a good idea.

Checking your guitar as "checked baggage" carries some degree of risk (as shown in this instructive and entertaining video). We do not recommend bringing your most precious guitar with you overseas unless it's carefully packed in an incredibly sturdy, robust guitar case (such as those made by Calton, Hoffee or Pegasus) and it's fully insured against loss or damage. Typically, airlines will not cover the full value of musical instruments they damage or lose, so it's a good idea to purchase additional insurance for your valuable musical instruments.

Additionally, the fine print for most plane tickets spells out that the airlines are not responsible for lost or damaged electronic equipment in your checked bags (for example: microphones, guitar pedals, computers, hard drives, cameras, etc.) so it's best to always transport these with you in your carry-on luggage.

The regulations covering transportation of musical instruments on airplanes have recently been changed in favor of musicians. For more about this topic, visit the Folk Alliance International website at folk.org. This link takes you directly to their "Travel Tips" page, which offers 3 exceptionally informative documents you can download that discuss traveling with musical instruments, including tips, suggestions and the specific text of the FAA regulations that require airlines servicing the U.S.A. to allow you to bring your guitar on board your flight as carry-on baggage.

Taylor Guitars also offers this informative post about traveling with your guitars.

I play piano / keyboard. Do I need to bring my own?

A small number of "loaner" keyboards will be available throughout Song Camp Italy for students who aren't able to travel with their own. Please email info@songcampitaly.com to inquire about availability of loaner keyboards. Arrangements for this must be completed and confirmed before March 1, 2020.

What if I don't play an instrument?

Can you hear a melody in your head, or sing it? If so, you can write a song lyric and melody. Oftentimes, writing with a musical instrument can get in the way of your creativity and you wind up writing what you already know how to play. A better approach can be to hear the music in your head, then find it on your instrument or partner with someone who can. There are many great songwriters who don't play a musical instrument.

How's the food at San Felice?

So awesome.

What if I have additional questions?

Please reach out to us with your questions anytime using the various contact options provided on our Contact page.