Exploring Italy & The Region Nearby

San Felice Resort

Getting to San Felice

The San Felice Resort is located in Illasi, Italy in the vineyard-covered hills 12 miles east of Verona (about 30 minutes by car). Verona is situated about half-way between Milan and Venice, less than 2 hours drive from each, in the northern region of Italy named Veneto.

Illasi offers spectacular views, charming small-town Italian delights, breathtaking hikes, natural beauty, all under the shadow of ancient castle ruins which project over the classic Italian gardens surrounding the nearby palazzos.

San Felice itself is host to dozens of horses and a community of Italian equestrian enthusiasts, with the stables just a short walk from San Felice’s main restaurants, swimming pools, conference center, fitness room, hotel rooms and apartments.

30 minutes from San Felice / Illasi

Verona, Italy

There’s plenty to do and see right near San Felice and Illasi. But the charms and sights of Italy’s romantic Verona are a just short ride away and definitely worth a visit too -- L’Arena, the historic bridges spanning the Adige river, Piazza Bra, and so much more. There was a reason Shakespeare set Romeo & Juliet in Verona. Beautiful! Click here to learn more about the spectacular sites and touring opportunities near Verona.

Additional Travel Options Nearby

Venice, Rome, Tuscany, Puglia, Swiss Alps and more

While in the region, we highly recommend taking a day or two to visit nearby Venice -- Amazing!

Milan is also nearby, a major metropolitan northern Italian city with great character all its own.

Of course, if time permits, you may also wish to spend some time among the glories of Rome and Vatican City, Florence / Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast, the islands of Sicily and Sardinia, Puglia in the south or other delightful destinations Italy offers. We’re happy to recommend ideas to supplement your magical Song Camp Italy experience with an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime Italian adventure!

Additionally, the Swiss Alps, offering world-class hiking, mountain-biking and breathtaking scenery are only 4-hours away by train or car. Spectacular resorts in the Wallis / Valais region of Switzerland such as Saas-Fee and Zermatt, home to the world-famous Matterhorn, are all in easy reach.

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