SCHEDULE: Song Camp Italy 2023

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Our Approach

The Song Camp Italy Experience

Ever wish you could write a song that could change someone’s life, or bring them to tears, or perhaps even change the world?

Songs can do all that. Come to Song Camp Italy to learn and get inspired by some extraordinary teachers and masters of their craft -- Master songsmith John McCutcheon, hit songwriter Steve Poltz, renowned session guitarist Matt Backer, Berklee College of Music professor Susan Cattaneo, founder of folk ensemble Trapezoid and Kid Pan Alley Paul Reisler and international touring singer-songwriter Chicago Mike Beck.

We’ve selected the San Felice Resort in Illasi as the setting for the inaugural Song Camp Italy for its natural beauty, tranquil harmonious atmosphere and world-class facilities, including a modern fully-equipped conference center, superb restaurants and comfortable affordable lodging options.

San Felice Resort is family-friendly, offering a swimming pool, spa services and massage, equestrian stables, horse-drawn carriage rides through the Italian countryside, world-class dining, spectacular hiking and vistas, and a large variety of nearby Italian delights. Learn more about San Felice and the region nearby on our Italy & The Region Nearby page.

Our Mission

The mission of Song Camp Italy is to inspire the creative spark that lies inside each of us and provide you with an unforgettable life experience. This will include world-class songwriting instruction with a unique international perspective, performance classes and nuts-and-bolts how-to information to help share your music with the world, all taking place in the beautiful Italian countryside in the vineyard-covered hills just outside of Verona.

We'll commence Song Camp Italy with a community sing that will bring us together in a spirit of open-heartedness and courage that will inspire you to discover your most creative self.

While Europeans have approached teaching the art of songwriting in varied ways, over the past 30 years, a new path has been fully developed in the USA, ranging from workshops to college curricula. Our teachers are among the leaders of that movement.

The songwriting traditions in the USA are quite different than those found in Italy, and one of the goals of Song Camp Italy is to illuminate the differences as well as shared characteristics of these diverse approaches to the art of song.

Song Camp Italy closes with 2 starlit concerts featuring our faculty and special guests.

Song Camp Italy will galvanize your songwriting, renew your spirit and leave you with an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime creative international experience you will cherish forever.

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